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Being a mother is one of the most rewarding experiences a person can have. It can also be one of the most challenging experiences. Raising a black son can come with a different set of obstacles that a mother must face and learn to address. In that same thread, there are also inequalities and inequities, young black boys must learn how to overcome as they progress into adult men. This journal provides a guided journey for mothers of black boys and their sons to tackle the relevant topics that affect both of them. Completing this together, mothers and sons will share perspectives and make deep connection to help navigate through life, tackle obstacles, and celebrate growth. This journal will create an intentional and healthy space for both mothers and sons to openly examine, analyze, and reflect on their roles. 


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Hardcover children’s book

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Would you like to go on an adventure? Join Quinten as he figures out how to cope with his autism during his day of fun in the sun at the beach. Quinten is an energetic, brave little boy. He has a passion for cars, trains, trucks, and anything with wheels that turn in a circle is exciting and infectious for him. When we watch him read, count, and problem-solve, his intellect never ceases to amaze us. However, Quinten does struggle with effectively communicating some of his needs, thoughts, and feelings. Certain sensory elements are also difficult for him, and his routine being disrupted can be a challenge. So, when a trip to the beach was introduced as a part of his day, it was not a surprise that Quinten reacted with overwhelming anxiety with some elements of this environment. However, his family allows him to cope and process with this new environment. Understanding the importance of allowing him to figure out how to exist in places that may not be comfortable is the family's biggest goal for Quinten. Will Quinten find out how to survive in a beach environment or, will this be his last time coming to the beach because he is unable to cope? Will autism hold Quinten back or, will it bring a new adventure forward?

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Nikki C.

Author Nikki C. has served in public education for fifteen years. As a dedicated educator steeped in developing and delivering valuable educational practices, Nikki has taken the opportunity to work with many diverse and unique students. Her teaching career exposed her to the practices of identifying and evaluating characteristics of autism in students she served when early signs of developmental delays were detected. It was this valuable training that allowed her to observe distinct characteristics in her child many years later. With a diagnosis of autism confirmed for her son in 2018, Nikki committed to deepening her understanding of autism and share that awareness in her personal and professional life. Involvement with Autism Speaks and advocacy for further research into autism has become an integral part of her family's life. Most recently, Nikki participated in a panel discussion at a local college where she shared her personal and professional experiences with autism and aligned these experiences to the impact on African American families and communities.

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